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                          A.H. Himes / Ocean & Coastal Management 50 (2007) 329–351  337
          5. Results

          5.1. Perceived resources and threats
            Before entering into a discussion about stakeholder preferences, an analysis of
          stakeholder perceptions of the most important resources (and activities) present in the
          Egadi Islands and what particular threats to those resources they feel are significant is
          imperative. Different stakeholder groups will inherently perceive different resources to be
          more useful and thus important than others depending on their particular needs and
          interests. Likewise, stakeholders will each perceive different threats to those resources. An
          understanding of each group’s perspective is important in fully understanding the
          importance that they assign to performance indicators and management interventions in
          an MPA setting.
            Respondents were asked to consider what the most important resources of the Islands
          are and the existing and potential threats that could damage them. A total of 80 individual
          resources and 238 threats were obtained and coded into primary and secondary categories.
          The categories assigned to each individual response are given in Tables 1 and 2.
          Respondents were not limited in nominating resources and threats. As such, individual
          respondents may be represented in more than one resource category.
            Interestingly, with regards to importance, the majority of fishers cited purely economic
          and cultural resources as important much more frequently than the marine resources (e.g.,
          fish, clean water) that form the basis of their primary livelihood. The two most important
          activities fishers cited were fishing and other maritime traditions, cited by 60% of
          respondents, and the local tourism industry, cited by 52% of fishers. This is most likely
          because fishers’ livelihoods are dependent on fishing and the tourism industry.
            Not surprisingly, the most cited threat by fishers is illegal trawling with the EIMR—
          which should be predictable since illegal trawling within the MPA’s boundary, observed

          Table 1
          Respondent identification of the most important resources in the Egadi Islands
          Primary category   Secondary category

          Ecological resources  Coastal areas                          Marine environment
                             Natural Beauty                            Clean water
                             Fish                                      Sea grass beds
                             Marine life in general                    Benthic environment
                             Protected species                         Terrestrial environment
          Community resources  Fishers                                 Locals
          Cultural resources  Local traditions                         Local culture/context
                             Archaeological sites                      Local history
                             Local gastronomy (seafood based)          Local well-being
                             Maritime traditions (e.g. tuna fishing)
          Economic resources  Tourism                                  Tourists
                             Existing jobs                             Local livelihoods
          MPA presence       This category includes the basic existence of the MPA
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