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Coastal Management, 31:389–408, 2003
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ISSN: 0892-0753 print / 1521-0421 online
DOI: 10.1080/08920750390232965

               Small-Scale Sicilian Fisheries:
             Opinions of Artisanal Fishers and
    Sociocultural Effects in Two MPA Case Studies

         AMBER H. HIMES

          Duke University Marine Lab
          Beaufort, North Carolina, USA
          Istituto di ricerca sulle Risorse Marine e l’Ambiente (IRMA)
          Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, Italy

                Marine resource management and related stakeholder conflicts have been clearly
                defined in recent decades as pressing issues worldwide. This article provides a com-
                parative study of the management regimes of the Gulf of Castellammare Fishery
                Reserve and the Egadi Islands Marine Reserve in Sicily, Italy. What managers in
                these two reserves have neglected to include in management is a social science
                evaluation scheme to ensure the development of more effective overall management.
                This is a significant problem in both Italy and the rest of the Mediterranean, where
                few sociocultural and economic studies have been conducted. Using data collected
                with standard anthropological field methods, analysis was conducted on how artisanal
                fishers are impacted by reserves, the extent of their knowledge regarding regula-
                tions, their opinions on management, and demographics. The results indicate that
                while fishers in the two case studies are all aware of the marine reserves where they
                fish, most fishers are not well informed of the associated regulations. Fishers feel
                alienated from the management process, and would feel more comfortable with re-
                serve managers and regulations if they were involved in management. The article
                concludes by showing how such data could help to develop more useful and practi-
                cal management practices in both these and other MPAs with similar problems.

                Keywords Italy, marine protected areas, Mediterranean, socioeconomic and cul-
                tural impact

      Received 11 January 2003; accepted 7 May 2003.
      This research would not have been possible without the support of the Istituto di ricerca
sulle Risorse Marine e L’Ambiente, Dr. Fabio Badalamenti, Dr. Carlo Pipitone, Dr. Giovanni
D’Anna, Marilena Coppola, and Giuseppe Di Stefano in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, and the
Environmental Internship Fund at Duke University. In addition, I would like to acknowledge Dr.
Mike Orbach, Dr. Victoria Edwards, Dr. David Whitmarsh, and Dr. Roger Corey for their input
in the development of this manuscript.
      Address correspondence to Amber H. Himes, CEMARE, University of Portsmouth, Depart-
ment of Economics, Milton Campus, Locksway Road, Portsmouth, PO5 8JF, United Kingdom.

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