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heritage  restoration  project  in  which  different  levels  of  competence  and  responsibility  are
                  involved. In the specific case of the tonnare, a more detailed analysis I conducted some years
                  ago regarding the pre-existing structures in the area around Palermo  has shown that the grave
                  discordance  between  these  structures  and  their  respective  contexts  was  due  to  economic-
                  productive variations over time and to uncontrolled private initiatives, often resulting in damage
                  to the property in question. However, a census of these aggressions along the coast in the past
                  decades and in particular of the damage to the towers and the tonnare, should not only arouse
                  public indignation, but should also induce the local authorities to adopt rigorous policies that
                  can no longer be postponed. Though a complete return to prior environmental conditions is not
                  possible, provisions are urgently needed to impede further disruption of the surrounding areas
                  before the remaining architectonic complexes are definitely destroyed.
                        Though  the  Sicilian  tonnare  no  longer  perform  their  original  function,  they  remain  a

                  precious testimony to the extraordinary experience of the culture of work and to the material
                  culture of Sicily. To keep the identity of the Island alive, we have a moral imperative to consign
                  this fragment of historic, architectonic and environmental patrimony to future generations.

                  22  R. Lentini, “Da Magazzinazzi a Cefalù: le tonnare palermitane tra storia e recupero”, in M.
                  Gangemi  (edited  by),  Pesca  e  patrimonio  industriale.  Tecniche,  strutture  e  organizzazione
                  (Sicilia, Puglia, Malta e Dalmazia tra XIX e XX secolo), Cacucci, Bari, 2007, pp. 91-124.

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