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The migration of

                 Pallid Harrier across the

                    central Mediterranean

                         with particular reference

                          to the Strait of Messina

                         Andrea Corso and Carmela Cardelli

                        139. Second-calendar-year Pallid Harrier Circus macrourus migrating north at the
                              Strait of Messina, southern Italy, May 2002  Michael Sammut

                 allid Harriers  Circus macrourus are  Christie 2001, fig. 1). Although movements and
                 medium- to long-distance migrants,  migration through the Middle East are well-
            Pbreeding in eastern Europe and western  studied (e.g. Shirihai & Christie 1992, Shirihai
            and central Asia, from the Black Sea to the  et al. 2000, Alon et al. 2004), very little is
            Yenisey River and Lake Baikal. Some birds  known about their migration through the
            winter in North Africa, the Balkans, Turkey and  central Mediterranean yet, according to our
            throughout the Middle East, but the majority  data, this route may be as important as that
            spend the winter months in the Indian subcon-  through the Middle East. In this article, we
            tinent (plus Myanmar) and sub-Saharan Africa  present new data on the species’ migration
            (Snow & Perrins 1998; Ferguson-Lees &  through this region.

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