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192 J . R. Michaux et al.                                                                Hereditas 129 (1998)
               I 1% 1
                                                                               SS,F G56




                           I I+- P1.59
                                                          PZ. s9

                           'I00 Italy


 I A podernu s .fluvico L l i s

Fig. 4. Neighbour joining tree of the 79 Apodemus haplotypes. The Sicilian and Italian
subgroups are presented as single branches. Number over branches indicate bootstrap
support (1000 replicates).

France has to be rejected since this taxon is described  rated from both the Italian and the north-western
from Sicily and because the Sicilian mtDNA restric-      ones at a high divergence level (MICHAUXet al. 1998
tion patterns form a particular lineage, which is sepa-  and this study). Furthermore, the animals
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