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Monaci West (CMw) the 7  of September. Counting of    Results
           P. oceanica shoots were made by one non-experienced
           MPA diver and one experienced ENEA diver within the   Training activity
           same 15 replicate quadrats in each locality (Figure 2).   P. oceanica shoot counts in the quadrats showed no
           Visual estimation of both P. oceanica leaf canopy cover and   significant differences (P>0,05) between experienced
           fish abundance was carried out in pair along the transects.   and non-experienced divers, although these latter showed
           Paired t-tests were used to compare the data acquired in   tendency to underestimate the number of shoots per
           September 2012 and analyze the differences between   quadrat (Figure 3).
           divers. Monitoring activities were then carried out by MPA   Data on visual estimation of  P. oceanica  canopy cover
           divers in May-June 2013 (before the AR deployment) and   showed differences (P<0.05) between divers in the first
           in February 2014 (after the AR deployment).        three localities monitored, but in the following period the

                                                               FIGURE 3   Mean number of Posidonia oceanica shoots counted
                                                                      by experienced (ex) and non-experienced (nex) divers
                                                                      in five replicate quadrats at each sampling locality.
                                                                      Standard deviations are indicated by bars
            FIGURE 1   Map of the 6 localities around Favignana Island chosen
                   for long-term monitoring (© Google Earth)

                                                               FIGURE 4   Mean percentage cover of P. oceanica evaluated
                                                                      by one experienced (ex) and one non-experienced
                                                                      (nex) diver in five replicates at each sampling locality.
            FIGURE 2   Counting of P. oceanica shoots performed during training   Asterisks (*) show differences (T-test for dependent
                   by one non-experienced MPA diver and one experienced   samples, P<0,05) between observers. Standard
                   ENEA diver within the 1 m² reference quadrat       deviations are indicated by bars

            EAI    Energia, Ambiente e Innovazione    4/2015
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