Autore: Anonymous Anno: 1630



Macao (?), ca. 1630
World atlas containing 18 nautical charts:
1. ff. 25v-26: Black Sea, Anatolia; 2. ff. 28v-29: Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf; 3. ff. 31v-32: Southern South America; 4. ff. 34v-35: Northwest South America, Central America, and West Indies; 5. ff. 37v-38: East coast of South America; 6. ff. 40v-41: East coast of North America and West Indies; 7. ff. 43v-44: North coast of South America, east coast of North America and West Indies; 8. ff. 46v-47: Mediterranean and eastern Europe; 9. ff. 49v-50: Northern Atlantic Ocean, European coast, Greenland, Iceland; 10. ff. 52v-53: Northwest Africa, Mediterranean area, southern Europe; 11. ff. 55v-56: South Atlantic Ocean, southern Africa: 12. ff. 58v-59: Southern Africa and southwest Indian Ocean: 13. ff. 61v-62: Arabia, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Red Sea, and Persian Gulf; 14. ff. 64v-65: Northern Indian Ocean, India; 15. ff. 67v-68: Southern portion of east coast of Asia, part of East Indies; 16. ff. 70v-71: Northern portion of east coast of Asia, part of East Indies; 17. ff. 73v-74: Western coast of United States and Mexico; 18. ff. 76v-77: Southern portion of west coast of Mexico and Central America; 19. Laid in: Unrelated black ink map of Mexico City and environs, made after 1652, 313 430 mm., in Spanish.
Native paper, ff. 181; the charts are drawn across openings on ff. 25v-77 with folios left blank between charts; ff. 86v-113 have black rhumb lines drawn on alternate openings in preparation for making charts, but these prepared pages have been glued together so only the blank sides show; 355 270 mm. (map size, 340 525 mm. across double page openings). 18(blank leaves) 210(blank leaves) 310(ff. 19-25 blank) 410 510 610 710 (ff. 79-80 and remaining leaves, blank). Single ruled black borders.
Black and red ink for nomenclature in a minuscule script with area names in display scripts; land masses outlined in color, with islands painted blue, green, red, or gold; one compass rose on each chart (except ff. 55v-56, which has none) with usual 32 rhumb line network in black, red, and green ink for the principal directions; a numbered latitude scale on each chart with oblique meridians also on ff. 40v-41 and 49v-50, no longitude; each chart has an unnumbered scale of distance in an elaborate cartouche; highly decorated in colors and gold
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