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Research & development

           42  m. More than half  of the itineraries are of easy  or   written in PHP  (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)  which
           medium difficulty, so open to a wide range of divers and   uses MySQL  or PostgreSQL database. The website, in
           snorkelers too.                                    addition to the content of the books, shows more photos
           Almost all underwater itineraries (22 out of a total of 28)   and videos for each underwater path. The videos can
           are of high nature conservation relevance, rating them   be displayed both in low and in high resolution (1080p
           from good to excellent.                            FHD) on  any mobile  device (iPad, iPhone, Android &
           A  total of  177 species  (39 of algae and plants and   Windows) (Figure 10).
           138 of animals) was recorded at Favignana, and 172
           species  (32 of algae and plants and 140 of animals)                     The QR (Quick Response)
           was found at Marettimo and Levanzo islands. Among                        codes were printed in the two
           the species found across the pathways, some of them                      illustrated books (Figure 11),
           are important  for conservation and protection (i.e.                     linking them to the website
           Astrospartus mediterraneus), others are rare (i.e.                       http://egadi.santateresa.enea.
           Anthipatella subpinnata) and with a high aesthetic value                 it/,  thus enabling to  connect
           (i.e. Paramuricea clavata, Savalia savaglia), while others               and display each underwater
           are invasive (i.e. Caulerpa racemosa).                                   itinerary on mobile accessories.

                                                               FIGURE 11    The QR code shown in the two illustrated books, linking
           The Website dedicated to underwater                          to the website and videos of underwater itineraries
           itineraries at Egadi Islands’ MPA
                                                              Since its date of publication in 2013, the website, has
           The two illustrated books  [8, 9] were published in a   been visited by more than 50 thousand visitors, meaning
           website ( which was   around 2000 visitors/month (with peaks during the
           built using Joomla!® software (,   summer period)  and  indicating a  high interest of the
           an open-source Content Management  System (CMS)    underwater environment, having the possibility of
                                                              getting a closer knowledge of it.

                                                              Final considerations

                                                              The publication of two books  dedicated to the
                                                              description and illustration of selected underwater
                                                              itineraries, for divers and snorkelers, at  Favignana,
                                                              Marettimo and Levanzo Islands, and  a  dedicated
                                                              website with underwater videos around selected sites
                                                              of the archipelago, represent concrete actions by ENEA
                                                              for the promotion of sustainable tourism. The main tool
                                                              for the protection  of the submerged environment  is
                                                              knowledge. The two illustrated guides and the website,
                                                              based on easy and popular communication tools, aim
                                                              to disseminate knowledge on the marine environment,
                                                              which is often known by specialists only. These diving
                                                              and snorkeling  itineraries  of  Favignana, Marettimo
                                                              and Levanzo islands highlight the beauty and special
                                                              features of underwater  environments. Addressed to
            FIGURE 10    The ENEA website (
                     dedicated to underwater itineraries at Egadi Islands  locals, tourists and divers, and all people who love the

            EAI    Energia, Ambiente e Innovazione    4/2015
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