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           Underwater itineraries at Egadi Islands:

           Marine biodiversity protection through

           actions for sustainable tourism

           Sustainable tourism is recognized as a high priority for environmental and biological conservation. Promoting
           protection of local biological and environmental resources is a useful action for conservation of marine biodiversity
           in Marine Protected Areas and for stimulating awareness among residents and visitors. The publication of two
           books dedicated to the description of 28 selected underwater itineraries, for divers and snorkelers, and a website
           with underwater videos represent concrete actions by ENEA for the promotion of sustainable tourism at the Marine
           Protected Area of Egadi Islands (Sicily, Italy). 177 species were recorded at Favignana, and around the same
           number at Marettimo and Levanzo islands: among those species, some of them are important for conservation and
           protection (e.g. Astrospartus mediterraneus), some of them are rare (i.e. Anthipatella subpinnata) and with a high
           aesthetic value (e.g. Paramuricea clavata, Savalia savaglia), while others are invasive (e.g. Caulerpa cylindracea)

           DOI 10.12910/EAI2015-072

           n S. Cocito, I. Delbono, M. Barsanti, G. Di Nallo, C. Lombardi, A. Peirano


           Sustainable tourism  represents  an important reason   tourism ( The MPA was
           for promoting historical, cultural  and environmental   originally established by the Italian Government in 1991
           features of countries where those features are not   and then its management transferred from the Ministry
           promoted  and popularized enough.  This situation   of Environment to Favignana municipality in 2001. In
           typically occurs in Italy and especially in remote areas,   recent years, the MPA has realized important  actions
           such as small islands, which suffer high pressures acting   on conservation and promotion of the coastal  marine
           on vulnerable terrestrial  and  marine environments,   environment, with particular attention to environmental
           usually caused by a mass and aggressive tourism for   education, research and promotion  of sustainable
           limited periods  of the year. Seasonal anthropogenic   development for all economic local activities.
           pressures due to beach resort activities, illegal practise   The main tool for conservation of marine biodiversity
           of professional and sport fisheries, and domestic   is to promote  the importance of protection  of local
           pollution as consequence of urbanization are all factors   biological and environmental  resources so that
           affecting  marine  ecosystems and thus threatening   there  is co-operation from  all users  in  preventing  or
           biological resources.
           The Marine Protected Area (MPA) of Egadi  Islands,
           including Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo islands, is
           the target area for ENEA project “Ecoinnovazione Sicilia”,   Contact person: Ivana Delbono
           funded by the Italian financial act in 2010, which aimed
           to  define specific  actions for promoting sustainable

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