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126                                      Annals of the
                                                   Missouri Botanical Garden

                  Distribution  World  Old  World  New  World  Old  World  Old  World  Old  World  Old

                          HBK,                            Burch.,

                  species  intermedia  Willd., acuminata  rotundifolia  C.  Edgew.  oleoides  DC., pubiflora

                  Representative  Decne.  C.  Jacq.,  HBK  C.  L,  DC.,  DC.  (Forssk.)  C.  DC.,  Burch.  C.  f.,  DC.

                    cartilaginea  jamaicensis  crotonoides  zeylanica  quadriflora  brevispina  decidua  racemulosa  coriacea  L.  horrida  canescens

                    C.    C.  C.      C.  C.  C.  C.      C.  C.        C.  C.

                    flowers  galeate.  flowers  angular  wide)  cm  on  series  Fruit  umbels,  may  axil  numerous  wide)  cm  although  some  stamens.  cross  in  of  cm  0.3  with  or  short

                    with  strongly  persistent.  solitary  individuals.  Fruit  0.3  in  or  numerous  large.  or  cm, deciduous. Flowers in  (racemes,  leaf  0.3  compound  in  8  rounded  bunches  than  Flowers  very
                    Plants  sepal  50).  (.  and  wide)  inflorescences  although  some  50).  (.  than  (more  racemose  with  Flowers  short  the  at  with  Flowers  than  (more  or  corymbs),  appear  may  with  Flowers  Fruit  in  or  (more  rounded.  Gynophore  section.

                  Characters  axils.  leaf  at  abaxial  stamens  cm  0.3  compound  corymbs),  in  appear  stamens  large  Inflorescences  rounded.  very Gynophore  section.  inflorescences  flowers  solitary  individuals.  large  simple  in  umbels,  axil  leaf  rounded.  large.  or  geminate  large  Leaves  Sepals  50).  cross  in

                    solitary  zygomorphic,  numerous  than  (more  or  simple  umbels,  may  axil  numerous  Leaves  Sepals  50).  cross  compound  although  some  Leaves  Flowers  (racemes,  the  at  Sepals  short  very  Flowers  alone.  persistent.  (. stamens  rounded

                    always  with  large  in  (racemes,  leaf  with  section.  cross  unarmed.  persistent.  stems.  (.  in Leaves thin, 0.3–2.0 3 0.1–0.3  or  corymbs),  in  (8–18).  unarmed.  persistent,  inflorescences  flowers  individuals.  Gynophore  unarmed.  rarely  and  numerous  Fruit

                    Flowers  strongly  Flowers  Leaves  Flowers  the  at  Flowers  in  Branches  and  the  stamens  rounded  simple  appear  stamens  Branches  and  solitary  section.  Branches  three,  wide)  large.

                                      Seriales  p.p.)                     Busbeckia

                                      Subsect.  Radlk.  Hook.  &        Sect.  Sect.

                  rank  al.  et       (5        Benth.                  (5  p.p.,  p.p.)
              Continued.  Infrageneric  Inocencio  DC.  Span.  (DC.)  Monostichocalyx  (Forssk.)  DC. Octandrae  DC. Pedicellares  Radlk,  Hook.  &  Benth.

              1.    Galeatae  Quadrella  Seriales  Sect.  Sodada          Monostichocalyx
              Table                     DC.,              Subsect.      Subsect.  (Endl.)
                    Sect.  Sect.      Sect.     Sect.
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