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New brooding echinoid from the Italian Pleistocene       5

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                                                        Figure 2. Simplified structural setting of Italy (modified from Scrocca et al. 2003) showing A, main thrusts and general location of the
                                                        study sites, and BÀF, their simplified geological sketches. B, C, sites E1À4 from the Apennine foothills of Emilia Romagna (geology
                                                        from Dominici 2001; Pignone et al. 2013, all modified). D, sites P1À2 in Puglia (geology from Moretti et al. 2011, modified). E, site C1
                                                        in Calabria (geology from Zecchin et al. 2012; Consolaro et al. 2013, modified). F, sites F1À2 in Favignana Island, off W Sicily

                                                        (geology from D’Angelo et al. 2005; Uchman et al. 2012; Catalano et al. 2013, all modified).

                                                        slope environments (see Capraro et al. 2006; Scarponi    deposits are interposed between these units in the north
                                                        et al. 2014) that are separated by an unconformity: the  part of the basin or occur as Late Pleistocene marine and
                                                        Zanclean Cavalieri Marl unit and the PiacenzianÀearly    continental terraces. The deposition of this succession
                                                        Ionian Cutro Clay unit. Shallow-marine to continental    was influenced by tectonic uplift and subsidence (Zecchin
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