Autore: Flamsteed John Anno: 1681

foto Sicilia

altra foto Sicilia

NAMES: Flamsteed, John (1646-1719 ) (Author), Hanway, William (Editor), Godbid, A. (Printer), Playford, John (ca. 1655-1685 or 6 ) (Printer), Moore, Jonas, Sir (1617-1679 ) (Author), Potenger, John (Editor), Perkins, Peter (d. 1680 ) (Author) COLLECTION: Lawrence H. Slaughter Collection of English maps, charts, globes, books and atlases Atlases: new systeme of the mathematicks: containing I. Arithmetick, as well natural and decimal, as in species, or the principles of algebra. II. Practical geometry, together with the first six books of Euclid´s Elements, as also the eleventh and twelfth, symbol - DATES / ORIGIN: Date Issued: 1681 Place Term: London Publisher: Printed by A. Godbid and J. Playford, for R. Scott, bookseller LIBRARY LOCATIONS: Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division   

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