PORTOLAN ATLAS, Western Mediterranean

Autore: MARCHETO FASSOI Anno: 1679

foto PORTOLAN ATLAS, Western Mediterranean

Italy, 1679
Atlas of Mediterranean area containing 4 nautical charts:
1. Western Mediterranean
2. Adriatic Sea
3. Aegean Sea
4. Eastern Mediterranean
Parchment, ff. 8 (4 sheets folded in center, blank on backs); 395 280 mm. (map size, 377 545 mm. on double page openings). Bifolia attached sequentially with stubs. Modern pencilled chart numbers (by Thomas Thorpe?) on preceding blank side of each chart. Varied borders of small colored geometric designs.
Map is engraved but contains manuscript additions and coloring. Nomenclature in black in a minuscule script; land mass outlines overtraced in color with islands painted gold, red, blue, or green; 3 to 5 compass roses on each chart, colored; generally each chart has a 32 rhumb line network in black with broken lines to indicate quarterwinds; no latitude or longitude; distance indicated by a series of small circles diagonally across one corner of each chart; tables identifying numbered islands on each chart; a few vignettes of cities and colored illustrations on signature cartouches.

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