Nautical chart of Mediterranean

Autore: Luís Teixeira Anno: 1600 ca

foto Nautical chart of Mediterranean

Luís Teixeira
Portolan Chart
Lisbon, ca. 1600
Nautical chart of Mediterranean area, including Europe with British Isles and portion of Scandinavia.
Parchment, f. 1 (full skin), 595 × 950 (557 × 920 including extension at left) mm. Border is red band outlined in black. Black and red ink for nomenclature in a minuscule hand with area names in display script;
Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea coasts and Scotland outlined in red ink, other Atlantic coasts colored green, with islands painted gold, green, red or blue; 15 elaborate compass roses, 7 with the symbols for the 8 wind directions; usual 32 rhumb line network in black, red and green ink for the principal directions; latitude scale numbered from 20° to 63° N, no longitude; 2 distance scales on borders and 2 within body of the map, all unnumbered; highly decorated with colorful vignettes of cities, banners, coats of arms and with a crucifix on the left extension

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