Walters Deniz atlas

Autore: Walters Deniz Anno: 1501-1600

foto Walters Deniz atlas

Title: Maritime Atlas
This work is an illuminated and illustrated maritime atlas, referred to as the Walters Deniz atlas. It is one of the earliest Ottoman atlases, tentatively dated to around the mid-16th century. The work contains eight double-page charts executed on parchment. Four of the maps show the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black seas. There is also a world map and a chart of the Indian Ocean. The various geographical names are written in black nasta‘līq script. A distinguishing feature of this atlas is the detailed approach to representing such features as city vignettes. The charts are drawn in various colors, including black, red, gold, green, blue, deep rose, light green, and yellow.
Date Created Around 1500 CE - 1600 CE

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