Portolan Atlas - Italy, s. XVI

Autore: Francesco Ghisolfi (?) Anno: 1501-1600

foto Portolan Atlas - Italy, s. XVI

altra foto Portolan Atlas - Italy, s. XVI

Autor: Francesco Ghisolfi (?),
Portolan Atlas - Italy, s. XVI2
World atlas containing 11 nautical charts, table of declinations, etc.:
1. Blank except for decorated border and “Phillipps MS 22796” inscribed in center
2. Western Mediterranean
3. Table of declinations and armillary sphere
4. The 2 hemispheres (showing western America linked to Asia)
5. Oval map of the world
6. Planisphere with signs of zodiac and figures representing seasons
7. Indian Ocean, Africa, Arabia, India, and part of Asia
8. Central Mediterranean and Italy
9. Pacific Ocean with portions of North and South America, East Indies, part of China
10. Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea
11. Western Mediterranean, Iberian peninsula, Northwest Africa
12. Eastern coast of North America, South America, Atlantic Ocean, Europe (including Scandinavia), Africa, Near East
13. World in 5 gores (decorated at top and bottom with signs of the zodiac and other figures)
14. Black Sea
Parchment, ff. vii (modern paper) + 14 (parchment interleaved with 13 leaves of blank paper) + vii (modern paper); 277 × 410 (221 × 351) mm. Single folios attached sequentially

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