Portolan Atlas

Autore: Joan Martines Anno: 1578

foto Portolan Atlas

PORTOLAN ATLAS - Italy, ca. 1578
World atlas containing 14 nautical charts:
1. Russia and Near East
2. Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean
3. Aegean Sea and eastern Mediterranean
4. Western Mediterranean
5. Northeastern Atlantic Ocean, including western Europe and northwestern Africa
6. Northwestern Atlantic Ocean, including Newfoundland and portion of east coast of America
7. West Indies, east coast of North America and north coast of South America, Central America, Mexico
8. Northeastern South America
9. Southern South America, including Straits of Magellan with Tierra del Fuego as an Antarctic continent
10. Northwestern coast of South America and Central America
11. North Pacific Ocean, including coasts of Mexico, California, Asia, and Japan
12. West central coast of Africa
13. Southern Africa and Madagascar

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