Portolan Atlas

Autore: Bartolomeu Velho Anno: 1560

foto Portolan Atlas

Bartolomeu Velho
Portolan Atlas
Portugal, ca. 1560
World atlas containing 16 nautical charts, tables of declinations, etc.:
11. f. 6: Western and central Europe (including Iceland and Scandinavia) and northwestern Africa
Parchment, ff. iii (3 modern parchment with 1 early modern paper affixed to first parchment sheet) + 9 + i (modern parchment with early paper affixed to back); 440 330 (406 302) mm. Bifolia arranged sequentially. Double banded purple border. Foliated with 2 early numbering systems in arabic numerals in ink and modern pencilled numbering (one bifolium has been reversed so that modern numbering for 7 to 8v is in reverse order of the original numbering).
Black and red ink for nomenclature in a minuscule script with area names in square capitals; land masses outlined in color, islands painted blue, green, red, or gold; 1 to 5 compass roses on each chart (except 5v, which has none); usual 32 rhumb line network in black, red, and green ink for the principal directions; numbered latitude scale on each chart, but no longitude; unnumbered scale of distance in small cartouche on each chart (except on 5v and 6, where French words and numbers appear to have been added later); coats of arms identifying some areas, but no illustrations except for vignettes of 3 cities.
Unbound: encased in nineteenth-century English blind tooled red morocco cover; the bifolia, now loose but which appear at one time to have been bound, are fastened to case by a guard along fold.

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