PORTOLAN ATLAS Western Europe and northwestern Africa

Autore: Anonymous - Dieppe Anno: 1547

foto PORTOLAN ATLAS Western Europe and northwestern Africa

altra foto PORTOLAN ATLAS Western Europe and northwestern Africa

Anonymous - Dieppe, 1547
World atlas containing 15 nautical charts, tables of declinations, etc.:
ff. 1-4v: Enssuyt le Regime et Gouvernement du Solleil: preliminary sheets of nautical information and tables of declinations.
ff. 5v-34: Portolan charts of:
1. “Terra Java” (east coast of Australia?) - 2. “La Jave” (north coast of Australia?), East Indies, part of Asia - 3. “Terra Java” (west coast of Australia?) - 4. Arabian Sea, Red Sea, and Persian Gulf - 5. Southern Africa and southwest Indian Ocean - 6. Atlantic Ocean with coast of Africa and Brazil - 7. Northwest Africa - 8. Europe and northern Africa - 9. North America, east coast - 10. West Indies, Mexico, Central America, northern South America - 11. Northeastern South America - 12. Southeastern South America, Straits of Magellan - 13. Western Europe and northwestern Africa - 14. Adriatic Sea (by a different cartographer) - 15. Aegean Sea (same cartographer as chart 14
Immagine 405: Description: Western Europe and northwestern Africa.
Immagine 410: Description: Europe and northern Africa.

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