Mediterranean from Gibraltar to Aegean Sea

Autore: Joćo Freire Anno: 1546

foto Mediterranean from Gibraltar to Aegean Sea

Joćo Freire
Portolan Atlas
Portugal (?), 1546
Atlas containing 7 nautical charts:
1. Baltic Sea and Scandinavian peninsula
2. Western Europe and part of northern Africa
3. Mediterranean from Gibraltar to Aegean Sea
4. Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea
5. Atlantic Ocean, northwest coast of Africa, and Portugal
6. Gulf of Guinea and West African coast
7. North Atlantic Ocean, Newfoundland and neighboring coast
Parchment, ff. ii (modern paper) + 7 (parchment mounted on heavy paper) + ii (paper watermarked 1838); 557 × 461 (351 × 273) mm. Folios arranged sequentially with stubs. Small black borders on 3 sides with decorative markings.
Black and red ink for nomenclature in a minuscule script with area names in display script; land masses outlined in green, with islands painted gold, red, or blue; each chart has from 6 to 13 compass roses and the usual 32 rhumb line network in black, red, and green ink for the principal directions; each chart has a numbered latitude scale (except charts 1 and 7), but no longitude; an unnumbered scale of distance on each chart; charts are colorfully decorated with vignettes of cities, coats of arms, ships, and other illustrations.
Bound, ca. 1840, in French half roan; each chart appears to have been cropped and is mounted on heavy paper with labels in a nineteenth century French hand tipped in under each chart.

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