Nautical chart of the Mediterranean area

Autore: Anonymous Anno: 1401-1500

foto Nautical chart of the Mediterranean area

Portolan Chart
Italy, s. XVex
Nautical chart of the Mediterranean area, including Europe with British Isles and part of Scandinavia.
Parchment, f. 1 (full skin), 675 810 (660 810 including extension to the right) mm. Borders are triple ruled in black and red on top and bottom only. Black and red ink for nomenclature in a minuscule hand;
land masses outlined in black ink (Ireland overtraced in green, Scotland in pale red, traces of ocher on other coasts) with islands painted gold, green, red or blue; no compass roses, instead the symbols for the 4 principal directions are inscribed on two rhumb line intersections, one on the upper and one on the right sides; several rhumb line patterns, some with 32 lines, many only partial; a simple latitude scale numbered from 24 to 54 N (scale appears to have been added later since it is drawn over portions of islands in the Atlantic and seems to be in another hand), no longitude; 2 unnumbered scales of distance (drawn in conjunction with upper and lower borders); simple decoration with a few vignettes of cities, banners, and one large figure, little color.

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