Cosmographia by Ptolemy

Autore: Ptolemy Anno: 1482

foto Cosmographia by Ptolemy

Cosmographia by Ptolemy - 1482
Edition Notes: Title and imprint from Goff and ISTC.
Colophon: Clavdii Ptolomei viri Alexandrini Cosmographie octavvs et vltimvs liber explicit opvs Donni Nicolai Germani secvndvm Ptolomevm finit. Anno M CCCC LXXXII. Avgvsti vero Kalendas. XVII. Imprssvm [sic] Vlme per ingeniosvm virvm Leonardvm Hol prefati oppidi civis.
Latin translation by Jacopo d'Angelo; edited by Nicolaus Germanus.
The first edition of Ptolemy printed in Germany and the first edition in which woodcut maps appear.
Woodcuts: [4] diagrams, initials, [32] maps.

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